CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR TYKES (born 1999/2000) and BANTAM (born 1995-1996)

TYKES and BAMTAM NABA GTA Basketball Champions, TYKES and BANTAM MABUHAY CUP Basketball Champions and under 14 BOYS AAU NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in LAS VEGAS won SILVER!!!!!


Congratulations to each and every coach and team. You have all worked extremely hard to reach here.

To all the PLAYERS: focus on your game, think of your team, and enjoy what we hope will be a very rewarding experience.

Congratulations again to everyone, especially to the parents and coaches. Without you, our players and teams would not be here. Sportsmanship, hard work, and dedication have made this happen!

A special thank you to Coach AC, Coach Dannie, Coach Don, Coach Sean, Coach Bong, Coach Arnold and Coach Roy for your incredible support, especially Coach Ronald, Amonie, Jeremy, May, Nery and Ed this couldnÂ’t have happened without you.

This Championship has promoted the growth of basketball for CKATT. An experience we hope that will be remembered fondly.

The excitement on the court ignited a packed HOUSE. OUR CKATT fans rocked the house. Everyone is a winner especially the fans. This was basketball the way it should be played. Both teams were well coached, standout performances by poised, talented stars. It was this CKATT mom’s idea of a great time.



You give so unselfishly to this great game. A very special thank you!



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