Hello ALL,

I hope everyone is well rested after an EXCITING WEEKEND!!!!  Good job to our CKaTT BOYS!!! Your diligence and hard work has paid off. We won SILVER in the OBA PROVINCIALS!!!!

I’m so PROUD of all of you, words could not explain. I can just remember seeing the boys for the first time and now seeing how much they have grown as an individual and as a TEAM.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to coach for CKaTT basketball this year. I have to say it was the biggest and best choice I have made. Right from day one there was a good atmosphere  between the players and all the coaches. Very well organized and there were so much learning to be taken from Coach Arnold and Coach Don. I thank you for your excellent demonstrations of many vital skills.

On behalf of CKaTT Basketball, we wanted to thank everybody involved for helping to make our Novice YEAR a successful one.  Without the assistance of all the parents, we could not have pulled all the practices and tournaments. Our sincere thanks go out to you, we give a hearty salute for a job well done. Of course, in addition, A BIG THANK YOU to Coach Ronald and Amonie for without you this would not be possible. Thank you for believing in our little boys!  A thank you goes out to the man behind the scenes who help orchestrate all the important details and dirty works and he did it with a smile on his face… Thanks Jeremy.

No basketball game is complete without cheerleaders, and we had plenty. From the gracious ladies of the bleachers. To the many moms and dads and other fans who were in attendance in all our games. We appreciated your presence and support. We would like to extend a very sincere thank you to all the parents who allowed their children to participate. We know the many schedules that had to be juggled.

Finally, we would like to thank the  CKaTT BOYS themselves. You conducted yourselves according to our rules, you listened carefully and you treated the court with respect. Hopefully you formed a few new friendships along the way and learned a little about yourself. More importantly, we hope you had some fun. I look forward to seeing you for next year!!!!


Coach Roy

We are more than just a TEAM ….we are a FAMILY…….

Let’s bring home the GOLD for MPAA and NABA GTA!!!


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